EMDR Consultation for Therapists

For practitioners completing EMDR Therapy Training, Certification, or working towards becoming an Approved Consultant, I offer both individual and group consutlation. I am an Approved Consultant with the Institute for Creative Mindfulness (ICM).

More information about all international ICM Consultants and Consultants in training can be found at: https://www.instituteforcreativemindfulness.com/consultation.html


Individual Consultation

$100 1 hour (via zoom, phone, or in-person)

Group Consultation

$50 2 hour group (via zoom)

Upcoming Group
Consultation Dates

Groups are held on Friday from 9-11am PST

Groups are held on Friday from 9-11am PST via zoom. $50 for a 2 hour group. To book:

Consultation for
EMDR Therapy

10-Hours of Consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant or Consulant-in-training is required. Usually 4-6 hours are completed between the Part 1 and Part 2 trainings, with the remainder done after completing Part 2. These hours may be done in a group, individual, or a combination of both. Completion of consultation is required before a Certificate of Training in EMDR Therapy can be awarded. In order to officially complete EMDR therapy training, the therapist will need to forward documentation of the 10 hours of consultation to the Part 2 trainer, who will issue a certificate and record the completion. Upon completion the therapist may refer to themselves as an EMDR therapist or an EMDR therapy practitioner.

Consultation toward
Certified Therapist

The EMDRIA Certified Therapist designation requires 20 additional hours of consultation, 10 of which must be individual. 15 of these hours may be completed with a Consultant in training.